Monday, February 1, 2016

Trailer Park Boys The Movie

In Trailer Park Boys (TPB) the main characters are Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles. All of which are involved in various illegal activities and are constantly in and out of jail. Ricky's long time girlfriend, mother of his child and eventually wife is Lucy. Now where does Lucy fit into the plot of the film? Great question. Her entire exisitence is to fill some need for Ricky. Whether it be food, or compainship, or what have you. Lucy and her only function is to fulfill Ricky's desires when he is out of jail. Lucy is also seen attempting to get with Julian or Randy the Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor and the owner of a night club who pays for her plastic surgery. When Lucy is seen not heeding to Ricky's every beck and call she is seen as a conniving, manipulating, suductress. I find this interesting because it reminds me a lot of Steinbeck's character development in his books women can only be benevolent mothers or the evil suductress. I find it increasingly interesting that movies and books and shows perpetuate this idea that women are either inherrently evil or they most be gentle and giving. The only two options are extreme and both are drowned upon by society but that is the message we send young girls and women. They will never be enough.

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  1. Ivy,
    I find it very interesting that you feel as if society only views women in two ways, "inherently evil" or "gentle/giving." Surprisingly, my roommates and I were just having a conversation about how some women are called "evil" by younger men in our generation. I personally don't feel as if women are evil, but what I do think is, women treat love differently than men do. And once a women has their heart broken by someone the truly loved and cared for, they treat/act different from there on out in their next relationship. For example, I believe Lucy really did care for Ricky, but the moment he got incarcerated that altered their relationship for the worst and truly hurt Lucy. Therefore, because Lucy was genuinely hurt by the man she truly loved, she acted out of hurt and anger. I am a firm believer that those who are hurt tend to hurt others. It's disappointing that some misconstrue the feeling of "hurt" with "evil."