Friday, February 26, 2016

Sex Trafficking

This link is to an article that talks about how people who consume porn and other things of that nature. The article then explains that they are less likely to be concerned about sex trafficking. I think this is an interesting and disturbing point to bring up because a lot of people in society probably view porn and go to strip clubs. This then dulls people's emotions to sex trafficking because they see more of it in person. Some people have been made to think it is ok to view these things and by doing that they are not at concerned with what happens with young girls as well as the women they watch in porn or at a strip club.

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  1. Bailey, I think you bring up an interesting point. I think it can relate to several classes we have had up to this point. The first being how society has created this vulgar ideal for how sex should go...and a lot of this is due to institutions like porn and strip clubs. The other aspect of our class discussions that this could hit on is the idea of victim blaming. Men who are heavily involved in porn and strip clubs are surrounded by a very dominance message, and so things like rape or human trafficking occur, I think its easy for those people to blame the women who are involved, and as we have learned, that's never the right answer.
    Good find!

    Spencer Nast