Thursday, February 11, 2016

Transgender Transformation- Gigi Gorgeous

I was really excited when we started to speak about transgender changes and the issue that those who feel like they are in another body have and are gender fluid. The main reason this brought excitement to me was because I have been following a couple of people on youtube who have done the gender transformation. The main one that catches my attention is the now famous "Gigi Gorgeous" whom if you see her now you would never had guessed she was once a he. In her journey, she underwent through several surgeries including the sex reassignment surgery, breast implants, hormone replacement and even the removal of her adams apple. In the midst of these procedures she spoke about how she finally felt like she was being freed from this fake body that she was living in. At one point in one of her videos she  compared it to feeling almost like being incarcerated for a crime she did not commit because she couldn't do anything about feeling that way and although she had never been in a jail she felt that people who are condemned for crimes that they didn't commit probably felt the same way. When we watched the video about the young girl whose mother allowed her to change genders at an early age and supported her it immediately brought me to remember Gigi except that for her she didn't have the courage to come out until she was already an adult because of fear from her parents that they would not support her. Its very sad to see that these things happen and that those who feel trapped have to feel this way for so long before they are finally able to speak up but even more sad it is for those that take their lives away due to the challenges faced and feeling of desperation. I hope that transgender and being gender fluid gets more media coverage and that it continues to be exposed more and more and eventually accepted worldwide so that nobody should have to feel this way in their own body and especially not live their life like this. I posted one of the first videos of Gigi who was back then Gregory before her transformation. You can see her address her feelings and the second video shows her more recently and now as Gigi. Feel free to look her up on Youtube and see just how incredible her transformation is, you would never be able to tell because she is smokin' hot! 

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