Monday, February 8, 2016

Gender Fluid

This article is basically talking about gender fluidity and how it is accepted for some people but not others. It discussed Ruby Rose and Miley Cyrus saying that when they came out as gender neutral or gender fluid they were celebrated and found a sense of belonging that they previously did not have. However the article switches gears and brings up their male counterparts in the case of Jaden Smith. Smith is seen from time to time dressed in what one would normally convey as "women's clothing" and has been recently chosen to be the face of Louis Vutton's women's campaign. With this reveal many said Smith was a "confused young man". Society still has more acceptance for women to slightly bend the rules but only a tiny bit but society's stomach still turns when men try to detour from the roles they were born to play.

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  1. This article is very interesting and I like the points that you bring up. It is so interesting that when Miley and Ruby came out as gender neutral they were celebrated and someone like Jaden is seen as "confused." I think society puts a lot of pressure on people in the media and when someone does something that is considered different there is going to be a lot of back lash. I think it is very important to realize this about society... Jaden Smith is famous because of his father (Will Smith) and eventually made a name for himself. Miley Cyrus is famous for, originally, Hannah Montana. In my opinion, Miley is a lot more famous than Jaden and I think that has a lot to do with why Miley got so much praise and Jaden did not. People face what Jaden is faced with everyday and, of course, there will be people to support your decision but it's also very hard for some people to grasp this concept. If you have a bigger fan base that has been around longer you are more likely to get supported in anything you do.