Thursday, February 25, 2016

Human Trafficking

So I stumbled upon this article from 2014 about a trafficking ring in Denton that got busted. I would love to say that this is a shock to me but it really isn't. At the exact same time though it shocks me that this goes on everyday inside the U.S. and is circulated in the media but the American public still believes that this is a foreign issue. That is what is crazy. This is happening 59 minutes away and we act like its 10,000 miles. How have we become so complacent that we can trick ourselves into thinking that this doesn't happen. My freshman year of high school the local authorities busted a child pornography production and distribution ring and obviously everyone knew about it but no one talked about it. Everyone pretends that it never happened. That's what gets me. How can we as a society fix the issues we want to address when we don't address them?

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