Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Earlier this week in class I was talking with Spencer and Dr. Lowry regarding our upcoming visit to SafeHaven.  We were discussing how the women in the shelter would feel having me and Spencer being there since we are men and many of these women are in this shelter due to an abusive history with men.  Originally, our thoughts were that we should not talk as much because we do not want to seem like we are ordering the women around and giving them memories of their husbands who did not treat them properly. That night though, we were instructed to watch Jackson Katz's video "Violence Against Women: Its A Mens Issue" and since me and Spence live in the same dorm, we found ourselves discussing it after we watched.  Katz talks in his video about how, although he does not agree with it, men are listened to more so than women are and in knowing this, "we need more men with the courage to stand with women, not against them" (Jackson Katz).  These wise words from Katz as well as the experience I have had so far in this Women in Gender Studies class has motivated me to want to live out Katz message and close the gap between men and women. After watching this video, my thoughts on the visit entirely changed.  Instead of fearing that I will come off as demanding and being a reminder of these women's husbands, I want to show them that men do see the issue here and understand that men are truly responsible for what has happened to them.  Katz's video inspired me to hopefully show these women that men DO want to unite with women and fight this issue side by side rather than ignoring it and creating the gap between men and women larger.  This picture above was something I saw awhile back that I really thought was inspiration because of the shirt but also the positioning of his body and symbolism of that pose.  This picture radiates the desire to have men and women united together which is something I hope these women can see after me and Spence visit.
Additionally, I am really into videography and film and I thought that it would be cool to create some form of a video of men saying something along the lines of "I stand with women, not against them" and then sending it to Katz because he definitely has contributed in a very positive way to this issue and I want to do my part as well.


  1. Hi J.R. I am so glad that you watched this video and that it changed your outlook on our upcoming visit to SafeHaven! I know that you and Spencer will be great role models for these kids and a positive influence in general during our work there. I REALLY like and encourage you to begin the campaign you mentioned here on campus. This would be a great project for the upcoming undergraduate WGST symposium, for example. Come talk to me if you would like more info about this. Keep up the good work! :)

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