Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sexual Objectification: TED Talk

In this TED Talk “The Sexy Lie” the speaker analyzes the idea that sex sells. She explains sexual objectification and the effect that it has on women in society. She explains that sexual objectification occurs in thousands of ads. An interesting point she makes is that these ads not only occur in men’s magazines but in women’s magazines as well. This has dramatic effects on women and their self-esteem. When exposed to sexually objectifying behaviors, women’s self-esteem lowers, sex drive decreases and insecurities grow. I feel like I can relate to this talk because I feel as though girls my age, myself included feel an immense amount pressure to look like girls in magazines or movies. An interesting quote she says regarding our country and recognizing sexual objectification is “It’s like being raised in a red room, being pulled out of that red room and asked to describe the color red.” It is so prevalent in today’s world that many people don’t even recognize it as a problem due to the lack of education and discussion regarding the topic. I think this is a really informative talk with an interesting perspective.

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  1. Chelsea,
    First, let me start off by saying how much I loved this Ted Talk. We do live in a society were everything around is sold by sex, in my opinion. In my social problem class we were given a prompt to sit back and reflect on, and the prompt basically said "is promiscuity a social problem we are dealing with, from media, news, and movie outlets etc." and honestly I do feel as if it is. It's very hard to turn on the tv or listen to the radio without something being over sexualized from women's shaving gel commercials, to a McDonalds billboard ad.