Friday, January 29, 2016

Tunnel of oppression

This past week I was afforded an opportunity to attended an event on Texas Christan University campus named Tunnel of Oppresion. Tunnel of Oppresion basically is an interactive exprencise. Students walk through different designs that display oppression of marginalized groups, such as domestic violence victims, rape victims, racism and more. 
One thing that really captivated my attention was a picture(posted above) that was initially posted on a social media network site named YikYak. The YikYak was posted by a student who attends TCU. Never, could I fathom a person being able to say such hurtful things. Being a minorty on a PWI(predominantly white institution), I never experienced any racial commentary/remarks etc. But, one thing I can say is, it has been an adjustment coming from a more diverse high school sitting into TCU, and being able to make friends.
This post hit home for me. It made me wonder why? Why as a minorty are we still being racially oppressed? And by some, aren't opened with welcoming hands. 

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  1. Ayanna, thank you for sharing this. I did not have a chance to make it to this event and I am shocked to see this! I remember hearing about this on campus last year but never actually saw the post/comments. It really shocks me that individuals still have such hateful thoughts, let alone advertise it so openly and nonchalantly. I too came from a diverse high school and while I am not a minority at TCU, I completely understand your frustration or challenges felt with trying to adapt. As awful as this post is, I am glad that events like the Tunnel of Oppression exist and are drawing large amounts of student attention to the issue. Hopefully this new found awareness will open peoples eyes to what is happening on our campus and teaches us to value all students no matter their gender or race because we all add to the TCU community.