Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Breaking Free

Ruby Rose came into the spotlight with her appearance on the show, Orange is the New Black. The show is diverse in sexuality, gender representations, and race. However, it took a little bit for people to figure out the work for the LGBTQ community that they was doing in real life. Rose wrote, directed, and produced a video, for which I've attached the link below, about gender fluidity and being trans. I so applaud Rose for using her platform to touch on serious pressing issues and to try and raise awareness about what it means to be gender fluid. On another note, I found it really interesting how even their behavior changed when they transitioned into a man. Even in the process that is so against gender norms, we are still able to point out behaviors stereotypically attributed to each gender. Obviously, part of that may be due to the fact that the video was made for the general public and needed to be more drastic to be fully understandable and get the point across. You can see in the video that once Rose transitions into a man, they start aggressively cussing at the camera, their face becomes more stern, closed off, and they smoke a cigarette with a cold stare into the camera. I'm not saying that as a woman or as a man, Rose must act a certain way but when contrasted with their behaviorisms as a woman earlier in the film, it's extremely stark. This could be due to some other fators but overall, I found it to be very thought provoking.


  1. Thanks for sharing this link! This video is particularly interesting in light of the one we watched about the trans youth's "boy to girl transformation."

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