Thursday, February 4, 2016

Masculine vs. Feminine

Relating to this week's discussion on masculine and feminine tendencies and stereotypes that we perceive, I found a very interesting article that stood out to me by the above image. Initially, this image upset me because I do not believe that either sex is "stronger" than the other in terms of a general definition. However, then I began thinking beyond my initial perceptions and thought that maybe the article and image are simply depicting physical abilities. In that sense, generally speaking, men are usually "stronger" than women. On the other hand, I began thinking that women can be "stronger" emotionally than men because we tend to feel things in a deeper manner and analyze situations in different ways. Overall, from this article and image, I conclude that men an women are "stronger" than the other in different ways. I do not agree with this image in that men are immediately considered "stronger;" we all are strong in our own unique ways, regardless of our gender/sex.

Here is a link to the article:


  1. I strongly agree with your opinion on men and women each having their own unique strengths and qualities. Masculine should not be identified with strength, or femininity identified with weakness. Strength is not measured by how much one can lift, strength can pertain to anything from emotion, mentality, or physical.