Thursday, March 17, 2016

Women's Basketball

With the season of March Madness upon us I think it is only appropriate to write about basketball this week. Everyone knows about the men's tournament but what about the women's? No one seems to think that women's basketball is as entertaining to watch. There are a number of reports out there that say that viewership on TV and attendance at women's games are down. This is a sign that people don't appreciate this as a sport. The game is the same its just a matter of who is playing it. Why does this have to be an issue? I think it is really sad that some people don't think that women's basketball is as entertaining as men's and I wish we could change societal views so that it would be viewed the same. The article I found is a few years old but I think it is still relevant.

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  1. Bailey,

    I couldn't agree more with your argument. It's a trend that has been getting worse and worse. We can even see this right here on our campus. Although all sports give free items away at games, in the hopes to attract more students, it can be observed that they give the most stuff away at the girls basketball games. I think this can be seen as a way to get students to attend more women's games. The sad part of all of this is that our girls team was way better than the men's team this year(Shout out to VEJA!!!)
    It's a sad trend that I don't know who has the answer to solve. All we can do is make it a known statement and change it on a small level(here on campus) one game at a time!