Thursday, March 24, 2016

Coach Popovich Creating an Open Enviornment

I know I've taken a short hiatus from my posts involving sports, but I'm back! This time I'm happy to report its positive, and brings me, and hopefully all y'all some joy as well.
This week brings us to the NBA's San Antonio Spurs, a team just down the road from us in Fort Worth. The Spurs are led by head coach Greg Popovich. Traditionally Popovich has been very short and blunt with the media, he's not one to swell under all the limelight, however I came a crossed an interview with Popovich discussing the first woman assistant basketball coach, who happens to be a part of his staff, and about the possibility of there being a first openly gay basketball player.  The Spurs are one of the most progressive teams in the NBA and it can be seen why through their leader, Greg Popovich.
In the NBA a lot of the players come from marginalized communities, and lack education regarding gay players, as Popovich put it, "Grow up, mature, widen your horizons. And secondly, be loving enough to continue to educate some of those that maybe never had an opportunity to change their mindset." With a leader like this, there is no excuse, and it certainly develops an open environment.

I'm so encouraged to see some of the most powerful men in sports speaking out about issues that deal with gender. With more support like this from women and men in power as high as Popovich, we are going to create a culture in the sports world full of acceptance and equality.

After all, if Popovich can do it in the state of Texas(as we've discussed in class one of the most least progressive states in the US) then I claim emphatically it can be done anywhere!

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