Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pay Gap

This article talks about the pay gap like other articles we read for class. I think it addresses an interesting point about the different jobs that men and women usually end up in. There are certain jobs that men do and others that usually women do. The jobs women tend to get are in the arts and humanities fields. These jobs are then more low paying. I think its interesting to notice that women keep going into the same fields. I think a reason for this is that women are more or less forced into these roles by society. Men dominant certain fields and some women might not want to take that challenge to break into a male field. There are a lot of things to overcome for women in a male dominant job and most women haven't seen a need to do so.

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  1. Bailey,

    I think you make a really interesting point here. I agree that women seem to get forced into different jobs in society. It goes way back to our lessons about misconceptions and societies norms. If you look at elementary school teachers for example, chances are their are many more women then male teachers. I think I had one male from kindergarten to 6th grade! Once I got to high school and college, it started to balance out, if not more males! Its so interesting, perhaps society has labeled females as gentle and caring for the younger students, and males as the more serious teachers for older students. I don't know, it just seems messed up and wrong!
    Great find!