Thursday, March 17, 2016

Why are men obsessed with establishing dominance?  I saw this picture on the internet and I could not help but think about the claims I was making in class this week which was that men have a burning desire to be dominant, yet if they could look at others as being on the same playing field as them, the world would be a much better place.  Behind closed doors, it is a commonly known thing that men try to be dominant because they believe that dominance is attractive in the eyes of women.  I could not disagree more.  I believe that that desire to establish dominance, especially over women, can send men down a terrible path and cause them to create terrible habits.  Establishing dominance behind closed doors would most likely mean that you are the one "going from base to base" without the woman's approval because men think that taking charge is attractive.  Trying to take charge in a situation behind doors is a terrible idea because that eliminates consent if you are the one making all of the progression.  It is my belief that a woman would have much more respect for a man if he let the girl take charge because in doing that you are showing the woman respect.  I am very scared with this whole idea that men feel the need to be dominant over there partners because this translates outside of behind closed doors and causes men to think they are better than there partner in ever facet of life which makes the gap between women and men larger.  Seriously though, why do men feel the need to be dominant over there partner?  In order for a relationship to go anywhere you need to respect your partner and view each other on a level playing field.  I am interested to hear if my classmates agree or disagree with me that men having a burning desire to establish dominance over there partner creates serious issues that could potentially lead to domestic violence and that this desire men have needs to change.

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