Thursday, March 24, 2016

Reproductive Justice--A Global Crisis

I came across this post on a feminist blog, Feminist Culture, that really ties into what we were talking about this week. I think a lot of time when we think about women's healthcare issues, we tend to only think about it in U.S. perspective. Reproductive justice is trying to dismiss this ethnocentric way of thinking by putting women's healthcare issues in a global and intersectional perspective. As TCU students our mission is to become ethical leaders and responsible individuals in the global community. This means we must start educating ourselves about not only U.S. issues, but also global issues. This post will educate you on some of the broader women's healthcare issues that occur in other countries:

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  1. Just as we have discussed the importance of including EVERY type of women in on the feminist movement, it makes sense that we must also include EVERY woman's point of view when it comes to reproductive justice. Sometimes it is hard to go out of your comfort zone or bubble and realize what is going on all around you. However, taking into account other women's problems from different cultures, countries, races, etc., is a must when it comes to feminism and feminist issues.