Thursday, March 3, 2016

Phi Delt @ Texas Tech

These days it's no surprise when we see headlines about greek life in the news and such but this one really caught my eye and made my jaw drop to the ground. Although it happened in 2014, it is still talked about today and it is still an issue that needs to be addressed. The Phi Delta Theta chapter at Texas Tech threw a party with a banner that said "Yes means no and no means anal." 1) I'm appalled 2) What kind of guys would allow that to hang freely? and 3) Why are people hanging out with these guys? This banner PROMOTES RAPE! There is no getting around that. What's even worse about this poster is websites like Total Frat Move and BroBible were posting about it and praising it. People wonder why greek life has such a negative view.

I immediately think of Katz's video we watched where he urges the men to speak up. What if these girls were these boys sisters? It is so sad to me that women are taken advantage of everyday and the only punishment these guys got was kicked off campus and have to take a sexual assault course. Why do we live in a culture where rape and violence is so relevant? Why is society so obsessed with sex that they have to reach the point of rape?

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  1. Alex,
    I'm just as appalled as you were. Soon as I read "Yes means no, and no means anal" I was immediately disgusted. I wonder what was going on in their head when they were painting such a disturbing statement on a banner! Another thing that crossed my mind is what if their parents were there? Would they still do such thing? And by chance do you know what happened to the chapter?
    I tried doing research but nothing is coming up. I totally agree with you those words scream rape!