Thursday, March 31, 2016


Attending the outside event unsult this week I had no idea what to expect. One thing that I can honestly say is it exceeded my expectations. I won't go into immense detail of the whole documentary, but I will tell you some of the things that really stood out to me. Starting off, I found it very interesting  the documentary showed the true lives of those who have been bullied, disowned, and shamed. It was very heartbreaking  to see young girls  go through that. 
One girl was in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend, and decided to send him a nude picture after a break up. Little did she know the next day she would be The laughingstock of the school. Her boyfriend decided to show one of his team mates  the picture, and from then is when it spread like a wildfire. She moved from her original high school to a new one, and still was a laughing stock. The sad part about this whole entire thing is a camera phone.
Overall, one of the main things I can take away from the documentary is to never judge someone. If you haven't seen this documentary I highly recommend you look into it. It is guaranteed to change your perspective on a lot of different things! 

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  1. What really stood out to me about the documentary is how often this kind of thing really happens. As a girl, we are exposed to this kind of slut-shaming throughout our entire lives. This documentary made me think of the Tina Fey's essay that we read in class. She talked about how girls realize that they are women. She gives examples of how women are cat-called and over sexualized once they hit puberty. This over sexualization continues to be directed at our women and girls which eventually leads to the detrimental slut-shaming that takes the lives of our girls.