Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Little Taste of Positivity

It is no secret that gender equality is an ever present issue in our society today. In a lot of professions women receive lower wages than men even though they preform the same amount of work. Women struggle more than men in obtaining highly successful corporate jobs. In a lot of situations women are underestimated solely on the fact they lack a Y chromosome. However, despite all of the struggles that women continue to face there have been many advancements made towards conquering gender stereotypes. 

Throughout my four years of high school I was involved in an organization by the name of POWER SET, which stands for Powerful Opportunities for Women Eager and ready for Science, Engineering, and Technology. To be inducted into POWER SET you had to first, of course, be a girl, and second you had to have high test scores in math and science. POWER SET is funded by Texas A&M University and has been creating numerous opportunities for young girls ranging from the age nine to eighteen years old to be introduced to STEM related fields. Each POWER SET chapter takes several field trips to companies and job sites that are affiliated with jobs in engineering, oil services, and other STEM related careers. Also, this organization allows young girls meet and talk with successful woman within those previously mentioned careers. 

POWER SET alone has, and continues to, educate young girls about their potential and provide them with encouragement to pursue a career in a male dominated STEM professional, and along with the other efforts that are being made to defeat gender inequality I firmly believe that this problem can one day become a thing of the past.

Here I have attached a link to my high school's POWER SET website, so feel free to check it out! http://echspowerset.webs.com/

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  1. I also find this concept very interesting. I am glad to find out that there is an organization in place in some schools that does teach young girls that they do have great potential in the work force. Growing up, my mom was always striving to teach me that women are just as strong as men and are just as capable at success as men, as long as we put our minds to it. Currently, she has a high position in her pharmaceutical company, which she is very proud of, but sometimes men who are below her do not accept her as having a high position as a woman, and try to challenge her. This still bothers me than some men still believe that women are not as capable, but hopefully, with more vast emphasis on the program you are mentioning, we can create a better word for women in the corporate world.