Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wonder Woman Movie

Recently DC Comics released a video trailer for their upcoming movie Wonder Woman. After viewing the trailer, I was reminded of the pictures of male superheroes in female costumes. I was surprised to learn that this is the first movie adaptation of the story of iconic Wonder Woman ever attempted. This surprised me because of how many movies there are about superheroes. For instance, the first movie adaptation of the superhero Superman was in 1941 and the first adaptation of the superhero Batman was in 1966. There have been countless other films about male superheroes, but as for female superheroes there are very few. Wonder Woman was introduced in Marvel Comics in 1941 and has become one of the most iconic female heroines of all time. Still, she has no movies written about her story. Finally, in 2017, a Wonder Woman movie will be released. I applaud DC comics for finally telling her story. But I also pose this question: what took so long?

P.S. I wonder if the Wonder Woman movie will pass the Bechdel test.

Here's the link to the Wonder Woman trailer:


  1. This makes me excited to see how they will incorporate Wonder Woman into all of the various superhero movies already out there and where she will stand among all the male superheroes. There used to be a Wonder Woman TV show in the late 70's but it was definitely the opposite of what I hope this movie can achieve. The 70's TV show portrayed her as a silly girl that could lift things. She wasn't a symbol for equality so I hope that DC comics can make that more apparent with the movie.

  2. I actually find it intriguing that they decided to release this now. I wonder if it has anything to do with the latest woman like Hillary Clinton running for as a presidential candidate or Kathryn Smith the first NFL female full-time coach. These woman are stepping up into what society considers "male" roles and what until this moment has been a male centered role or position. I find it interesting that just as these roles and woman are coming up and taking bigger roles they decide to release the news about the upcoming movie. Maybe it has to do with them wanting to empower women more and give us credit for what we are capable of. I am excited to see the movie none the less and see what its all about, the trailer looks very interesting!

  3. What is your thoughts on this? Do you think it has anything to do with it or just mere coincidence?

  4. I'm going to have to withhold judgment until I see the movie, but I'm excited to see that the fim's director is a woman! This is the Wonder Woman I grew up with: