Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I am right there with what Spencer said on his post from last week in that I am sad this is my last blog post I will be making this semester.  As of last week we began our reading of Hurston's "Their Eyes Were Watching God."  In class on Monday we were discussing how Janie was finally able to be happy after Jody passed away and what I was impressed with was how she was happy for independence and not for things that people would maybe assume she would be happy for.  When a woman who is married to a wealthy individual loses her husband, one may assume that she could eventually become happy to inherit his wealth or to be able to "date" again.  Janie is a beautiful woman and she had all of the guys in the town chasing after her but did she care...? Nope.  Did she care that she inherited the wealth of Jody...? Nope again.  She was solely happy that she could now be independent and speak her mind without being silenced by Jody.  I think that there is a bad perception out there about some girls that they are only going to be happy if they meet a guy who has wealth.  Janie sets an incredible example for her readers that she in fact was not happy with the money and the relationship she had with Jody.  Her happiness came when she was alone and independent and I think this sends out a really positive message to people who may be down on themselves for not being in a relationship or having a spouse that your happiness is not dependent on another person, it is dependent on you and what you know you need in order to be happy.

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  1. JR,

    I think you touch on an interesting point here. Growing up Nanny teaches Janie that it's important for her to find a man that can support here, as that's her way to a happy and successful future. Numerous times in the novel before Jody's death, we see Janie complaining about not being happy, even after finding a wealthy man in Jody. It's not until Jody dies, and she is truly independent when we see her completely happy. I think Hurston makes a powerful statement here. In a time where women were expected to be reliant on a man for their happiness and living, she makes the point, through Janie that a women can be happy and successful without a man in their life. A subtle point, but one that has tremendous weight moving forward.