Friday, April 8, 2016

Dress Code Sexism

I always had a problem with the dress code in my high school. Girls are told that we aren't allowed to wear certain things because they might distract boys. Laci Green has a video that talks about this and I watched it. She makes some great points that this objectifies and slut shames girls as well as teaches boys that they can do what every they want. This is something that can't be happening to young kids. If we perpetuate this than the slut shaming problem will continue to occur. If administration can help girls feel more comfortable in their own skin then boys won't feel like they can do whatever they want to girls.

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  1. Bailey,
    Just like you I've always had issues with dress code. I use to hate not being able to express myself in a "free-way" I guess you could say. At my graduating high school we weren't able to wear leggings, jeans that had holes in them, Nike running shorts and much more. That's almost everything that is in style/what most females typically wear. So in the mornings it was so stressful trying to find something
    that met requirements but wa also cute. I love the video. It honestly captures the "hidden" truth. I honestly never understood how females could be such a distraction.